Recording & Rehearsal Studios Analogue and digital recording - the best of both worlds
From demo to release quality masters From initial production ideas to sound design, audio editing & restoration, mixing and mastering...
Professional high quality audio Play and record live in the studio onto analogue tape into Pro Tools into Logic...
Vintage Recording gear and instruments Plate & Spring Reverbs, Tape Echos, Guitar Amplifiers, Hammonds, Leslies, Vox, Fender speaker cabs...
Soundcraft 32 Channel Mixing DeskStudio

Big Noise Recording Studios, Essex, is based in Rochford near Southend. A quality boutique studio with many releases on many varied record labels since 1995 and we have our own in-house label, A.M.T Records. We've become especially known for our analogue productions & classic vintage recording gear & equipment. Of course, we also have Pro Tools, Logic & lots more


Our staff are always professional and very knowledgable in many and varied recording techniques. All play instruments and are used to working with different syles with many artists. Owner/producer and now record label owner, Simon "Sting Ray" Davies, with a wealth of experience both studio and live, can guide and advise you throughout your recording session


Big Noise Studios is fully equipped with vintage & modern recording gear including a stereo EMT plate reverb, Roland tape echo units & vintage instruments, amplifiers, speaker cabs, Pro Tools & Logic. With a good selection of mics (right tool for the right job), our engineers know how to use them to get the sound you want. Then, after a hard days tracking, just chill out in the lounge


Mad, intense few months. Tracking Snowboy & the Latin Section for their forthcoming LP. Foley and music for the sequel to Angels vs Bullies, Oil City Rockers and scoring parts and charts for the forthcoming Organites LP.
Two more albums mastered, ready for dupliation for singer songwriter, James Wilson. Also, demoing some more tunes for a brand new musical based on Bram Stokers "Dracula"...
Studio refurbishment almost complete...

To book, for more information or an appoinment to visit the studios, contact us +44 (0) 1702 542844
Big Noise Recording Studios


Recording and Mixing
fully integrated analogue & digital recording, up to 24 track tape & digital recording with Pro Tools & Logic.

Editing & Restoration
audio editing, noise reduction, de-click, de-hiss, enhance bad quality audio, CD duplication &tape to CD transfer

Rehearsals & Practice
rehearsal rooms, JBL equipped PA systems, tea& coffee. Drums, bass, guitar amps & keyboards available.

Currently Recording

Sting Ray Davies & the Organites


And the Organites
New LP

Ria Currie & the Deep Sould Messengers

Ria Currie

Deep Soul Messengers
New LP


And The Latin Section
New LP