Big Noise Recording Studios, Southend, Essex
  • Who We Are

    Analogue recording studio plus digital recording, editing and mastering.

    Big Noise Recording Studios, Essex, is based in Rochford near Southend. A small but excellent quality recording studio with many releases on various labels to our name. Since 1995, we've become especially known for our analogue sound, quality productions and classic, vintage equipment and instruments.

    Our engineers are experienced and professional but in a relaxed way, and have worked with many artists, both live and in the studio...

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    Latest News

    May & June 2013 Busy couple of months. Ongoing pre-production work for "Oil City Rockers" film and a musical based on Bram Stokers "Dracula". Ongoing mixing for Future Ages. Mixing for Savanna LP finished. Orchestral score "Mr. Blue Sky" for the Southend Rock Orchestra completed.
    Plus, new upgraded equipment installed.
    All recording and pre-production for two large projects, a full length feature film and a full musical based on the novel "Dracula". Orchestral scoring and arrangements the order of the day (well, months actually) and finally managed to fit in the final mixes for Savanna and Fortune, two Essex based covers bands. Final mixing for Future Ages EP which should be finished, ready for mastering early July. New voice over demo for Voice over artist. Southend Rock Orchestra launched and has it's first show at the Village Green Festival, July 12th. New Dynaudio nearfield monitors installed, sounding absolutely fantastic.

    April 2013 Percussion recording session with Snowboy for Makoto. Mixing Future Ages. EP for Whatever Next. New music for film project. New single started for Richy Walsh. New compliation LP for Mad Rat Records. An all nighter was pulled yet again, this time for Snowboy and his percussion. The files were recorded and sent over to Japan for a Jazz pianist & producer, Makoto. Editing finished for Future Ages and into the mixing. First single is being recorded for singer/ songwriter, Richy Walsh. Acoustic rock and the acoustic guitars, drums, bass hammond organ and percusion all down, next, lead vocal. Mastering completed for "This Is How We Roll" compilation LP. All the artwork and the mastering was done here in Essex at Big Noise Recording Studios, its being pressed now and it should be out on general release in late May.

    March 2013 Mastering the Impellers for publishing. Tape transfers for actor Ron Pember. Vocal tracking for Savanna. New music for film project. Mastering for the Impellers instrumental versions of their LP "This Is Not A Drill", which was partially tracked and mastered here at Big Noise Studios in Southend, Essex, for their record company and publishing company. Actor Ron Pember is having his archived reel to reel tape transfered to CD. We did the original cast recording of his musical "Wheres Jack?" about Jack The Ripper last year and are transfering some more for him in the coming weeks. Savanna are into recording vocals. All the Guitar, bass and drums are down and then into the mix. New music for the film sequel to "BasVegas" has also been started.

    February 2013 Sleepywood start new album. Mastering the Rat Pack, Son of Buff and the Impellers. Future Ages editing and mixing. Two tracks completed for Sleepywood, an acoustic rock band from Southend with plenty of guitars and vocal harmonies, lots of hard work recording by the guys on this one. Rat Pack LP "Right Now" mastered and off to the duplicators. Son Of Buff LP mastered and the Future ages new EP enters the editing and mixing stage and sounds HUGE so far and haven't even started on the reverbs and delays yet.

    January 2013 Busy start to the New year at Big Noise Studios. Rat Pack LP mixed and ready for mastering. 2nd EP for Future Ages. First Album for Savanna. Recording drums and piano for the Lucky Strikes.

    Ratpack LP is now mixed in glorious MONO. Just like 50's Rock n Roll should be. Recorded completely on analogue tape machines, it will be available later this year on CD and download. Future Ages are back in the studio for their 2nd EP, recording started and drums and bass tracked. Savanna have made a start on their 1st album with drums, bass, most guitars and some keyboards already recorded. Also, the Lucky Strikes were in recording more drums and piano.

    december 2012 Heres to all our clients having had a very Funky Christmas, and to a Rocking New Year ahead.

    Big Noise Recording Studios is being refurbished over the next month to upgrade and improve the recording and rehearsal facilities. We are open as usual throughout these upgrades so give us a call, and a Happy New Year.

    november 2012 Breaks and Beats session on Hammond and Rhodes. New 50's Rock 'n' Roll album for The Rat Pack. Final tweaks on the second of Jim Wilsons 4 LPs.

    Overdub session for the new Breaks and Beats LP with Glen from the Impellers, break out the Hammomnd, Leslie and Rhodes for this one. Also, fantastic Rock 'n' Roll outfit, The Rat Pack are back in to record their 5th LP, all analogue of course.

    october 2012 Martha High LP - Soul Overdue released on Freestyle records. Future Ages release 4 tracks and new video.

    Jim wilson and Robin the dead have both been back in the studio working on tracks. Future ages have a great new video for the 1st track on their EP, Under Orders, check it out on Future Ages

    september 2012 2nd Jim Wilson LP finished. Sweet low Dakota EP 4th track recorded. Lewis Underwood LP. Robin The Dead EP tracking started.

    The second LP of four for Jum Wilson almost finished just a few tiny edits to complete. 4th track for Sweet Low Dakota finished and mixed and all four are ow available from bandcamp. Both Lewis and Robin the dead to finish tracking in the near future.

    august 2012 New EP for The Cover Cartel. Zoltans new LP. Sweet Low Dakota new EP.

    Tracking for the new Cover Cartel EP. Backline down in 2 days. New Zoltans LP done and dusted in 4 days straight, nice Louis Jordan jump jive. Sessions for Jim Wilson (singer/ composer) double bass and acoustic guitar,

    july 2012 Martha High LP finished and off to the record company. Sessions for Jim Wilson, Alex Ashe,

    Great lady to work with. Recording new EP for Electronic 80's More vocal tracking for Alex Ashe for his new double CD. More audio editing for 'BasVegas' film.

    june 2012 New projects started.

    Recording the final tracks for the Hoffmans Bicycle LP. Tracking drums and bass for the new Milksnatchers LP. Ongoing audio editing for the 'BasVegas' film.

    may 2012 Mixing Martha High album. New Junk Foxx EP recorded and mixed. Vocal sessions with Ria Currie for forthcoming LP produced by Craig Kristiansen, "An Apple A Day"

    Finished tracking the new Martha High LP and on to the mixing. All completely analogue and no digital was used. Lovely stuff real tape. Lovely lady to work with too. Vocals for 35 years with James Brown WOW! New Junk Foxx EP recorded and mixed. Nathan and Jules sound great as always. Vocal sessions with Ria for the forthcoming LP "An Apple A Day" with tracks from Leigh Fields amongst others.

  • Services overview

    Recording Studio

    Singles, Albums, Demos, Voice Overs, editing, mixing... Recording for bands, solo singers, projects. Analogue and digital recording with live room, recording overdub booth and plenty of outboard and software.


    From simple track re-ordering to complete digital mastering. Multiband compression, EQ and enhancement. Click and noise removal/ reduction. Or we can produce a pre-master copy for sending to a mastering house.

    CD Duplication

    Short runs up to 500 a speciality. CD mastering to produce a full Red Book PQ encoded CD, barcodes and ISRC codes. Artwork and design too from simple 2 page, up to 8 page booklets and rear traycard.

    Analogue to Digital Transfer

    Transfer your old reel to reel tapes or cassette tapes, 78 records to CD and MP3, or multi-track tapes from 24 track 2" tape to ¼" mono or stereo. You get multi-track digital files on DVD and for the smaller reels, an audio CD.

    Rehearsal Rooms

    Our rehearsal rooms have clear, quality PA systems with floor monitors, microphones, leads and mic stands. They're clean and warm. Drums kits, amplifiers, keyboards and guitars are available for hire and we have plenty of parking.

    Audio Restoration

    De-noise, de-click, de-crackle, de-clip, enhance, boost level...If your sound files suffer from any of these, we can help by removing most unwanted noises and artifacts so you end up with clean files that are ready for mixing.

  • Discography

    "Soul Overdue - LP" Martha High

    Freestyle Records

    "Sugar Mama - 45" The GetUp

    Breakin Bread Records

    "Future Ages - EP001" Future Ages

    Future Ages

    "This Is Speedometer
    VOL I & II"

    Freestyle Records - Re issue of earlier vinyl LP's

    “Shakedown - LP” Speedometer

    Freestyle Records

    “Four Flights Up - LP” Speedometer

    Japanese release

    P-Vine Records

    "Lift It Up - LP" Jezabel Sextet

    Soul Cookers Records

    “Four Flights Up - LP" Speedometer,

    UK & European release

    "Funky Miracle - 45" Speedometer

    Raw Wax Records

    "Everything's Gonna Be Alright - 45" Deep Soul Messengers Feat. Ria Currie

    UK & European release

    "Soul Groovin' - Live LP" Speedometer

    Recorded live at the Soul Cellar, Southampton.
    Freestyle Records.

    “Time For Change - 10" vinyl” Speedometer

    Kennel Klub Records

    “Wilderness - 12" Vinyl” Speedometer

    Counterpoint Records

    “Answer To Mother Popcorn - 45” Speedometer

    Modern Funk Records

    "Independance Day Vol II" The Rat Pack

    Pollytone Records

    "Rockin' For Independance" The Rat Pack

    Pollytone Records

    “Do Whatcha Like - 45” Speedometer

    Mocambo Records.

    “Dapper Dan - 45” Speedometer

    Freestyle Records

    “Ode To The Groove - 45” Speedometer

    Mocambo Records

    “Lazy Susan - 45” Speedometer.

    Raw Wax Records

    "Foot And Mouth - 45" Speedometer

    Kennel Klub Records

    "Music In My Head - LP Martin "Bucko" Buckland

    Self Release

    "Everything's Gonna Be Alright - 45" Speedometer

    Freestyle Records

    "El Padrino - 45" M.F.O.S

    Freestyle Records

    "Diggin' Deeper - CD" Speedometer

    Freestyle Records

    "Everybody's Marchin'-45" Big Daddy Moochin'

    Baked Bean Records

    "Ghetto Funk - CD" Chappel Publishing

    Library CD, Not for general release.

    "Experience - EP" Jenny Gaynor

    Self Release

    "Organitzation EP" The Organites

    4 tracks, 2 of which released as singles and one as the title track on a compliation.

    "What I Want - EP" Kellie Osburn

    "Routine Funk - Compilation LP" P-Vine Records - Japan

    Two tracks from Speedometer

    "Soul Shaker Vol 2 Compliation" Record Kicks - Italy

    One track from Speedometer

    "This Is Speedometer Vol I - LP" Speedometer

    Blow It Hard Records

    "United States Of Longo - EP" Longo Allstars

    4 track EP, 2 of which released as singles

    "Same Old Thing - 45" Speedometer

    Freestyle Records

    "Work It Out" Speedometer

    Freestyle Records

    "Lover And A Friend - 45" Speedometer

    Freestyle Records

    "The Shakedown feat. Martha High - 45" Speedometer

    Freestyle Records

    "Wait Up - 10 " Speedometer

    "Dance Freak - 12" South Bronx Youth Community Project

    Freestyle Records

    "Music For Dancefloors - LP" Strut Records - Compilation CD

    Re-mix on one track from Speedometer

    "Version Excursion - LP" Compilation CD

    Counterpoint Records - One track from Speedometer

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  • Our location

    Big Noise Recording and Rehearsal Studios

    Unit 3 Rose Way, Purdeys Ind. Est.
    Rochford, Essex
    SS4 1LY
    Telephone: +44 (0) 1702 542844

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  • Privacy Policy

    We do not supply, sell or give any information you give to us, and required by us in the normal course of carrying out our business, to any individual or company without your express permission.

    If you want us to pass any of your contact details to bands or musicians with the view to work or performance opportunities, then we will accomodate your wishes but accept no liability, either actual or implied, from any consequenses arising from us supplying your details.

  • More

    We have clients from all across the South of England, Barcelona, and Boston and Lousiana in the U.S.
    We want to make and record good music, played, produced and recorded by people who are into making good music.

    Big Noise Recording Studios was established in 1995, by producer, keyboardist and sound engineer Sting "Ray" Davies. A professional musician since 1990, he has been involved with several successful bands and has performed on, recorded and produced many commercially released recordings on various record lables both in the UK, Europe and Japan, most notably with Speedometer. Having gigged extensively across the UK, Europe and Japan, he is an accomplished keyboard player, trombone player and horn arranger.

    Sting "Ray" Davies tutors for the local Music Services and is involved in running a local Rock School and teaches music education, performance and production alongside the instrumental tuition.

    He is also fully CRB checked, a full member of the Music Producers Guild (MPG) and a member of the Federation Of Small Businesses (FSB)..

    For more information and booking availability, contact us on +44 (0) 1702 542844 Big Noise Recording Studios

  • Testimonals

    What our clients say ...

    Hi Simon, thanks for the mastering job on the Son Of Buff CD - sounds peachy - exactly what we were after. Cheers, it really sounds so much better.
    Lance Cusak (Son Of Buff)

    Hi Simon, Just a quick email to say that I got the CDs. Thanks for doing this work for us. The final masters sound fantastic. You've definitely given them a whole load of grit and polish that they needed. Really pleased with them. As always, I shall be recommending your services to lots of people.
    Glenn Fallows (The Impellers - Brighton)

    Best vintage drum sound I've ever had!
    Mark Claydon (session drummer - Ed Meme, The GetUp, Jezabel Sextet, Sulene Fleming - London)

    I think you've done a brilliant job on my vocal mix. It's the best I've ever heard it recorded.
    Alex Ashe (Solo vocals, lead vocalist, Savana - Southend)

    Just got the mixes and want to tell you how much we thank you. I know Dave was just so blown away as well as I. You will never know how much we appreciate the wonderful work you have done. You rank number one in this little country girls book. Again thank you from both Dave and myself. Truly,
    Jean (SweetLow) Byrnside (Vocalist - Louisiana, U.S.A)

    Hi Simon, love the mixes! Well done. Jean's voice sounds really good. It's a shame there's not more of her on the tracks but next time we record she'll be there in the studio with us.
    Dave (Dakota) Cook (Singer/ Songwriter - Barcelona)

    Hi Simon, Just a quick message to say thank you for the great job you did. I think you really under rate what you do, you made my tracks sound fantastic and my voice is the best its sounded. Thanks again.
    Lewis Underwood (Singer songwriter and guitarist - Southend)

    Hi Simon, Thanks for all your hard work, you've got the sound just right. This is now available on iTunes worldwide!
    Rick & the Zoltans

    Hello Simon, I would like to say 100%, you did a first class job on them.... A big thank you for doing a great job on the songs.

    Hi Simon, again well done with the recording, excellent job, I was talking to Mark Ashfield today and he said he had been working with you and agreed with me, dont get big headed and put your prices up though.
    Pete Randall (Eden Caine Band)

    For more information and booking availability, contact us on +44 (0) 1702 542844 Big Noise Recording Studios

  • Control Room


    Soundcraft DC2020 - 32 channel with automation, flying faders
    72 inputs on mixdown


    Tannoy FSM-U Main monitors
    Dynaudio M1.5
    Yamaha NS10m
    Beyerdynamic DT 100 headphones (x9)

    Multitrack Master Recorders

    Soundcraft Saturn - 2" 24 track
    Tascam MS-16 - 1" 16 track
    Fostex G16 - ½" 16 track
    Fostex E16 - ½" 16 track

    Mac Pro Logic with MOTU 2408 MK3 (x3) (24 analogue channels)

    Stereo Master Recorders

    Studer A80 RC MKII
    Studer A80 VU MKI
    Akai 910 (Mono Valve)
    Tandberg 9100 cross field
    Tascam 133 Cassette

    Tascam DA-20 MKII
    Sony CDR-W33 CD recorder


    Neumann U87ai (x1)
    AKG C414 B-ULS (x2)
    Audio Technica 4055 (x1)
    Audio Technica 4033 (x2)
    BLUE Baby Bottle (x1)
    RCA B74 ribbon (x1)
    Reslo Celeste Ribbon (x3)
    Beyer Dynamic MD 421(x2)
    SE Electronics SE1a (x2)
    SE Electronics SE2a (x1)
    Shure 556S (x1)
    Shure Beta 52a (x1)
    AKG D25 (x1)
    Beyer CV703 (x2)
    Shure SM57 (x5)
    Shure SM58 (x2)
    Uher M534 (x1)
    CAD 88 (x1)
    CAD 92 (x1)

    Microphone Pre Amps Otari AF-206 Vintage 1970's Microphone pre amp (x4)
    Akai M8 Vintage 1960's all valve pre amp (x2)

    Compression & Gates

    TF Pro P38 stereo mastering buss compressor (x1)
    dbx 566 dual compressor/ valve (x1)
    TLA C-5021 dual compressor/ valve (x1)
    TLA VP-5051 valve compressor/ Eq (x1)
    Drawmer DL221 dual compressor (x2)
    Drawmer DS201 dual gate (x3)

    Reverbs, Delays and Effects

    EMT 240 gold foil stereo plate reverb
    Master Room XL-305 stereo spring reverb
    Roland SRE 555 Space Echo with chorus and reverb
    Panasonic vintage 1970's stereo spring reverb
    Melos echo chamber (tape echo)
    HH multi echo (tape echo)
    Yamaha Rev 500 Reverb
    TC Electronic M1
    Line 6 Pod XT Pro
    Roland SRV-3030
    Korg G4 (Leslie simulator)
    Alesis Quadraverb Plus (x2)

    Miscellaneous Stuff

    Dolby 361 Dolby A noise reduction units(x2)
    Symetrix 511 stereo noise Reduction unit
    Brainstorm Electronics Timecode Distripalyzer
    Heathkit TT-1A Valve/ Tube Tester

    NB: some studio equipment may not be available due to maintainance or studio upgrade so if you require a particular piece of studio equipment, please contact us and we will ensure it is ready for your recording session.

  • Instruments


    Fender Stratocaster
    Encore Gibson (tweaked)
    Kinbara 12 string acoustic
    Fender Jazz Bass copy
    Stinger bass

    Vintage Keyboards

    Hammond A100 + Leslie 145
    Hammond Porta-B with Leslie 122RV
    Fender Rhodes Stage 73 MKI
    Wurlitzer EP200
    Vox Continental 300
    Hohner Clavinet D6
    Korg MS10


    Roland A90 master keyboard
    Roland D20
    Korg M1
    Korg M3-r
    Roland R8m with cards
    Akai S3000
    Akai S3000 XL
    Yamaha An1x
    Roland JV2080 expanded

  • Amplifers and Speaker Cabinets

    Guitar and Bass

    Vox AC30 Top Boost
    Musicman 212-HD
    Polytone Minibrute II
    Roland JC77
    Ashdown Mag 500
    Fender Bassman 100 (4x12)
    Watkins Starfinder (2x15)
    Watkins Starfinder (4x12)

    Leslie Speaker Cabs

    Leslie 145
    Leslie 122RV

    PA Sysytems

    Mackie 8 Bus 32 channel desk
    Soundcraft M8 12 channel desk
    Soundcraft Spirit Powerstation 600
    LD Systems PA1600 (2x 1100W)
    dbx Driverack speaker management system
    JBL M330 (x4)
    LD Systems Sub15 (x2)